CHUBU – 中部

CHUBU (中部) –  is one of the eight traditional regions of Japan.

Each region contains several Prefectures, except for the Hokkaidō Region, which covers only the Island of Hokkaidō.

Here are links to the prefectures in the Chubu Region:

The eight Regions of Japan are not official administrative units, but are traditionally used to refer to different portions of Japan in maps, geography textbooks, weather reports and other applications.


Here is a link to this map of Regions of Japan:

From north to south, the traditional regions of Japan are:

  • Hokkaido Region – the Island of Hokkaido and nearby islands.
  • Tohoku Region – the northern portion of the Island of Honshu.
  • Kanto Region – the eastern portion of the Island of Honshu.
  • Chubu Region – the central portion of the Island of Honshu. The Chubu Region is sometimes divided into:
    • “Hokuriku Region” – northwestern Chubu.
    • “Kōshin’etsu Region” – northeastern Chubu.
    • “Tokai Region” – southern Chubu.
  • Kansai Region – the west-central portion of the Island of Honshu.
  • Chugoku Region – the western portion of the Island of Honshu.
  • Shikoku Region – the Island of Shikoku.
  • Kyushu – the Island of Kyushu and the Island of Okinawa.